NCEdCloud Login: Access Your North Carolina Education Cloud Account

NCEdCloud Login allows North Carolina students, teachers, parents and administrators to access various educational web applications through a centralized platform securely. Managed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the NCEdCloud portal delivers single sign-on convenience to improve digital learning and engagement across devices.


With the NCEdCloud Login portal, users can seamlessly access essential tools like student information systems, learning management platforms, document editors and more using one set of credentials.

This enhances productivity by enabling easy switching between integrated education apps without repeated logins. Users can access customized resources based on their role like lesson plans, student data, grades, attendance records and more to help drive better learning outcomes.

Benefits of NCEdCloud Login

  • Single Sign-On Access: NCEdCloud Login allows access to multiple education apps through one set of credentials, bypassing repetitive logins.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Easy app switching improves user workflows. Teachers, students and staff save time with centralized access.
  • Customized Access: Users see relevant apps and tools based on role (teacher, student, etc), grade level and content needs.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust access controls and encryption provide secure user access to sensitive education data.
  • Anywhere Access: The cloud-based system enables access from any internet-enabled device using browsers.

Key Features

NCEdCloud Login allows users to:

NCEdCloud Target Applications
  • Access various digital learning platforms, student information systems and tools using single sign-on. This includes apps like PowerSchool, Canvas, G Suite, etc.
  • View student attendance records, grades, assessment data and more to improve tracking.
  • Utilize teacher tools and resources available via integrated education apps.
  • Let parents and guardians access student grades and records to better support learning.

Claiming Your NCEdCloud Account

Follow these steps to claim your NCEdCloud Login account:

NCEdCloud Claim account
  1. Visit the NCEdCloud Claim My Account page at
  2. Enter your existing PowerSchool student number or staff ID.
  3. Fill in all required personal details like full name, school, email address, etc.
  4. Create and confirm a new password for your NCEdCloud Login ID.
  5. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Click Submit to complete the account creation process.

NCEdCloud Login Requirements

To access the NCEdCloud Login portal, users need:

  • An existing PowerSchool ID to link accounts initially. This is required to claim NCEdCloud access.
  • Personal details like name, school, email, etc. to populate your account.
  • A device like a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an updated web browser.
  • Working internet connectivity through cellular data or WiFi.

Signing in to NCEdCloud

Follow these simple steps to sign in to your NCEdCloud Login account at

NCEdCloud Login
  1. Enter your NCEdCloud username provided during account creation.
  2. Input the corresponding password.
  3. Click Sign In to access your customized NCEdCloud portal and integrated apps.

Resetting NCEdCloud Username

If you forget your NCEdCloud Login username, you can:

NCEdCloud Forgot My Username
  • Attempt automated username recovery via self-service password reset on login page.
  • Contact your school IT administrator or technician to retrieve your username manually after verifying your identity.

Resetting NCEdCloud Password

If you forget your NCEdCloud Login password, you can:

NCEdCloud Forgot My Password
  • Use the self-service password reset option on login page to create a new password instantly.
  • Reach out to your local IT support staff for manual password resets.

NCEdCloud Mobile App

While NCEdCloud does not have a specialized mobile app, the cloud-based platform automatically optimizes access via mobile device browsers. Users can conveniently sign in to using smartphones and tablets to access integrated education apps on the go.

Importance of NCEdCloud

NCEdCloud addresses critical needs in North Carolina’s education ecosystem including:

  • Providing centralized access to digital tools required for learning, teaching and administration.
  • Delivering a simplified sign-in mechanism to save time amidst repetitive app logins.
  • Helping meet state technology policies related to digital literacy and engagement.
  • They are protecting sensitive student data via robust cloud security protocols.

NCEdCloud Login Help and Support

Users facing login issues or needing assistance can contact the NCEdCloud help and support team via:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 919-807-4357 (HELP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do I need for NCEdCloud Login?

You need a valid username and password created during NCEdCloud account claiming.

Can I reset my NCEdCloud Login password?

Yes, use the self-service password reset option available on

Is the NCEdCloud Login ID the same as my PowerSchool login?

No, NCEdCloud credentials are created separately during account claiming.

What devices can I access NCEdCloud from?

NCEdCloud works seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with an updated browser and internet connectivity.


NCEdCloud Login transforms North Carolina’s digital learning landscape via easy access to essential education platforms. By providing centralized credentials, single sign-on convenience, customized access and robust security, NCEdCloud Login allows students, staff and guardians to improve digital engagement across devices. Whether on smartphones, laptops or desktops, users leverage a core set of credentials to unlock smarter workflows.

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