What is my NCEdCloud username?

Your NCEdCloud username is the username you created when initially claiming your NCEdCloud account. This is usually different from your PowerSchool or other login usernames. If you don’t remember your username, use the “Forgot Username” link on the login page.

Why can’t I log into NCEdCloud?

Common reasons for login issues include entering incorrect credentials, your account not being fully provisioned yet, or a service outage. Double check your username/password, contact your school’s IT staff if new, and check the NCEdCloud status page.

What if I forgot my password for NCEdCloud?

Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page to reset your NCEdCloud password securely. You’ll need access to the recovery email or phone on your account.

How do I get into NCEdCloud?

Go to my.ncedcloud.org and enter your username/password. If new to NCEdCloud, claim your account first at my.ncedcloud.org/claim.

What does F1 mean in PowerSchool?

In PowerSchool, F1 is a code indicating the student was present in class that day.

How do I get a student QR code for NCEdCloud?

Contact your school’s IT staff – they can generate individual student QR code logins linked to NCEdCloud accounts.

How do I create a student login ID?

Student login IDs are created during the account claiming process when registering for NCEdCloud initially.

What is a student QR code?

A QR code provides a way for students to log into NCEdCloud quickly on shared devices by scanning the code.

How do schools use QR codes?

Schools use QR code logins to allow students to access educational applications and resources securely through NCEdCloud.

Is E1 your final grade?

No, E1 is not a final grade code in PowerSchool. It may indicate the student is enrolled in that class.

What does T1 mean in school?

T1 can indicate a transferred course on a student’s transcript, where credits transferred in from another school.

What is Q2 grade?

Q2 refers to the second quarter grading period grade earned by a student during that term.

How do I reset my RapidIdentity password?

Use the “Forgot Password” option on the RapidIdentity login page to reset your password.

Why isn’t Clever logging me in?

If having issues logging into Clever, ensure you are using the correct district credentials and that there are no active outages.

Why won’t RapidIdentity work?

RapidIdentity issues can stem from incorrect login details, account provisioning problems, or system outages. Check your credentials and the system status.